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Anyone who has attempted to pursue this allusive animal knows exactly what I am describing.


You could sit many hours over active bait piles and not see a wolf, just to return the next day and find the area covered in tracks under the nightfall. The wolf population in our area is currently very high due to a higher deer population over the past few years. A hunter should be prepared for the personal requirements of this hunt.

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A long day sit and travel by snowmobile over frozen lakes and old logging roads. WWF demanded an immediate halt of the hunt for the remaining seven wolves and the court granted it, saying it wanted the wolf hunt stopped while it examined how the state has handled its wildlife management responsibilites for wolves. The court also determined that the state had made some legal and processing errors in granting the hunt that were tied to how the wolf population, which is under protection, can survive.

How to Hunt Wolves

It was a major victory for WWF and a defeat for farmers and their lobbyists, who want as few wolves in Norway as legally possible. Ingrid Lomelde of WWF claimed the organization had no choice but to file a lawsuit in order to ensure sustainable wolf management. He also authorized hunts within the wolf zone in Hedmark.

Up to 16 wolves in the Osdals- and Julussa packs can be shot. That hunt can start January 1.

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Minnesota held three wolf seasons before a judge in returned the animals to the federal threatened list. State Rep. Peter Fischer of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party said that wolves deserve continued protections from recreational hunting, but that his amendment would allow for hunting and trapping wolves that prey on livestock.

Attempts in recent years to ban wolf hunting in Minnesota have stalled in committee. Now it will move to the state Senate.

Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand

Tim Walz says he supports legislation to ban the recreational hunting of wolves in Minnesota if the federal government succeeds in removing them from the threatened list. An amendment to prohibit sport wolf hunting was added to a House environmental bill Tuesday.

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