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SILENT THUNDER - BONANZA - Dan Blocker - Lorne Greene - Western Series - Full Episode - English

It was a Saturday evening and Jane was just chilling out at home. She had no plans that night and was just whiling the time away by playing her favourite slot on her mobile phone. Went to lake Tahoe few years ago to feel like I was in the show. I was si sad in when it was cancelled. Does anyone know the weekly ratings for Bonanza for this season? Or where it ranked for the season as a whole?

John Mackay and the Battle over the Greatest Riches in the American West

What an awful way for a show that gave the network so many good years to go out. Out of respect they should have played out the whole season. Could you imagine Cbs ending Ncis suddenly like this when it indeed does end sometime in the s. You all know it was a fictional, highly idealized and unrealistic depiction of the old west, right?

We all know that dude, but the show had something that we desperately need in this world today, morals. I agree.. Yes, a little unrealistic, but it is very nice to watch the re runs.. It was a simpler way of life, and a nice escapism of todays crap. Of course. Cop shows with all looking like models.

None over 45 or overweight. TV has always been unrealistic.

Would like to see a day where they showed the first episode to the last. Also that return to bonanza where Ben Johnson said he knew Ben Cartwright. I grewup watching bonanza an my sons also I wish you all a peaceful rest thankyou for the memories. I vividly remember chewing my nails as the tension built every time Tanner was heard whistling. Landon carried his part perfectly, as did the rest of the cast. Great episode, perhaps the best of the whole series. It was just a very strange show and one I would not have ended a legand on.

Bonanza is a place I can retreat into and get out of the crazy world we live in now.

The Best of Bonanza World: A Book of Favourite Stories

I try not to think the dear four men are gone now. They will. Continue to bring laughter and tears to us as w go back in time to a better world. I miss them too.. Awesome show. I love all the old Westerns.. I watch them everyday. So sad.

I love,love,love Bonanza I was watching bonanza on August the13th when I was in labor with my daughter I will never forget it we watched every sunday night I am so happy I can watch it in reruns I loved all the men but Hoss was my favourite. I still watch Bonanza daily.. I feel As though the Cartwright are still alive and they are on film forever..

Cartrights that would do good today.

Post Your Hoss Quotes Here! - Bonanza Boomers

The scenery was always so beautiful. Gives me a peaceful feeling to watch the show. Oh yes I also liked HopSing and sheriff Roy as well. Wont be another like Bonanza Well, I found out that the answer to what network and what show made the series Bonanza ed. I watched the whole series in it first run and remember seeing one where Beau Bridges played a bespectacled guy who murdered a beautiful girl Joe wanted to marry. I just ran across something interesting. Both shows were on NBC, so why not? Great idea, and everyone at the network and both shows wanted to do it. Why not?

The unions for the writers, actors, directors, etc. The additional expense and red tape made it too much to bear. If I had to choose a time, place and family other than my own, it would be as a fourth Cartwright son on the mighty Ponderosa in the 19th century. Greene stated.. It was a much simpler time, and makes me always smile. Too bad there are not shows like it,and other past Westerns on T.

Was there at the ponderous house we went in the house they showed where the cameras were at when they were filmed everything was like it was on the show it was great. I agree with you comment about the house fire. It is just too sad. Poor Joe with his terrible loss! Too sad for me. It was a great old show. My favorites are the lighter ones, but I still enjoy most all of them. The cast themselves should have seen that the end was coming. The series longtime sponsor: Chevrolet, had pulled out and the very popular Dan Blocker had died.

The truth is both the network and the producers only cared about ratings, so I suspect a wrap-up episode would have never crossed their minds. Until about , most long running shows went off the air with very little fanfare and no elaborate, sentimental finale…. Up until that time, when a popular, long running show went off, it was considered to have just ended its run on TV, and that was it.

The viewing audience has gotten used to finales and forgotten this earlier concept. I think because those times represent something we are lacking today in this world. Peaceful, simple days and family togetherness. I will continue to watch as long as they are on. Little House just started over again with them leaving their home and heading out for new opportunities.