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Joachim Badenhorst as an associate member pointed out the excellent compatibility with the band, adding sonic palette slightly darker shades produced by the clarinet, bass clarinet in particular, creating a counterweight to a colleague on the trumpet. The Dostoyevski tune is equally well composed and arranged even if not my favorite of the album.

I will not review all tracks, but let me just mention the title song, which is worth mentioning for its inventiveness, humor and joy. And maybe also the closing track, which is again sad and subdued and excessively beautiful. And basically that sums up the whole album. You get it all, with the right dose, in the right quantities : creativity, musical acumen, instrumental prowess, accessibility and freedom, coherence and variation, and emotional depth in each piece, whether fun or sad.

This session really allows the space for the tunefulness of their compositions to fully emerge. The results range from startling to fun. A good example of how flexible and fresh modern European jazz can be. That happened from day 1 with electronics, loops, effects and all kinds of influences from less obvious corners.

The result is time and again a hybrid electro-acoustic hybrid form that often feels lyrical, but also mysterious, dreamy and cinematic, without sacrificing excitement. And literature does provide here often for inspiration, because other song titles to refer to Dostoyevsky, Kafka 2x , Cervantes and one living writer: Murakami, in the composition by Smith. Santos Silva indeed there wert groping around in a universe of ringing, tingling, creaking and rumbling sounds. A claustrophobic air of desolation sets the tone. Which is not maintained constant, but the album feels like the most complex and dark work of the band so far.

And so Lama continually unites an inner discord, a combination of introverted stream-of-consciousness with bold explosiveness and ripping winds. Trumpet and bass clarinet attract the same unruly sail until they both color outside the lines begin with ever more expressive slippages. Similar is it going to in the title track, the listener initially the wrong move with a slow, lyrical run. But then: gears, widely spread solos, a whopping one groove again and jumpy solos. Sitting still is not an option.

It goes well with the young guard, thank you. Tasty recipe. The electronics are also leading the project Star Hip Troopers, created by producer and DJ Mess Morize with the contribution of many jazz musicians of our house. In Planet E Music Park Records dub and glows cosmic jazz are entwined in a continuous flow, flavor night.

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  • Today Lama is one of the most intriguing European groups. Their music can be poetic and gentle, without losing the texture density and intensity derived from the free jazz tradition, and even at the same time full of zeal so characteristic of jazz southern Europe. And although formally the music is not far from the mainstream, yet creative use of electronics and the emotional intensity of the music settles a trio of aces of the jazz avant-garde.

    On the new album may sound more jazz than before — attached to them because the leader of another European trio Nonetheless valued at all , namely the Belgian clarinet player Joachim Badenhorst from Baloni trio. But his participation makes the music also becomes more abstract and dark at the same time. Mats Gustafsson. The album as a whole is extremely addictive and surprising at the same time, and transfer music to a more abstract level makes the need bit more attention and delve into it fully.

    I highly recommend! The Portuguese trio Lama , we have written about previously here on salt peanuts. The same has with the guest on this recording , clarinetist Joachim bathing Horst. But I have an idea that this is the first time the four play together as a group. Getting with bathing Horst in this context seems like a solid boost in the trio. Her game is experimentally and she takes many more chances now than ever , and constantly lands she on the right side.

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    Bassist Goncalo Almeida comes from Lisbon, and is a regular bassist in the modern Portuguese jazz scene. He is a highly competent musician, which I in many ways guides the ship on this recording. He has a great tone in the bass, and his ideas are interesting. Drummer Greg Smith is originally from Montreal in Canada, and studied classical drumming before he dropped out and was taken in jazz. He has recorded with Davis Binney band Life On Mars, before moving to the Netherlands and began composing music for ballet and film.

    In the Netherlands, he is a musical chameleon, playing in all music genres. On this recording he is perhaps the one that makes up at least noticed but without he had graded been a completely different disc. She has developed a nice tone of the horn, and she plays solos with nice ideas and with great conviction. Joachim bathing Horst comes from Antwerp, and works much solo but can also be heard in cooperation with ia John Butcher and Paul Lytton and his own project Carate Urio Orchestra.

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    Along this, in my opinion been a very interesting constellation. The music is consistently lyrical and mostly takes place in mid-tempo We get fine improvisations, and meets four very interesting European musicians that you just have to notice. It was a fantastic album, subtle and nuanced, but also with some more aggressive moments. Revisiting my last review, every word still fits this new live recording featuring guest woodwind player Chris Speed. Joining them on this recording is woodwind master Chris Speed on sax and clarinet. But, restraint is also a motif throughout.

    Música Folclórica Portuguesa

    Then, Speed joins in with fractured melodic snippets, which Santos then returns and plays off of, making for a fiesty interchange. The solid but minimalist bass line moves along with fills and textures until the elliptical unison melody comes ultimately to a slow boil. A great recording…. The sound of the CD is very good , that this record is not the result of months of studio work is betrayed only by sporadic applause. The music of Lama stems from the view that the re-shaping of music today to bridge the gap between past and future, a bridge.

    And as such must find between a prospective impact and also the use of an accessible idiom a new balance. The combination of impressionistic effects and melancholic wind brings the listener filled with rich marine life and birds. He has a strong presence , but supportive rather than soloist , and his sound blends particularly well with the trumpet of Santos Silva. The exploratory impact which the music has been established , is not that surprising. Speed was not there this time, but do not worry: even without him this was the kind of concert for the genre that can win you some extra public.

    LAMA is one of those bands that are in the immediate vicinity of the intersection between accessible and experimental jazz. It is played with a fresh, adventurous spirit and scope for personal freedom, yet the atmosphere is often dreamy, cinematic and charming, without the use of cheap effects, cheesy themes or other pre-fabricated ideas.

    Here you have three strong musical personalities who protect the purity and alertness, and it is especially as a collective that the three show the best of themselves. That LAMA is a band with a very consistent story was indeed very clear. Although it is played with dynamism and a pendulum movement between more introverted and more powerful pieces, regularly identity remains recognizable.

    Great style differences were however not to be picked up.

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    The most striking feature, the use of electronics loops, cracking sounds, echoes, etc , was also used most tastefully and in the service of the whole. Drummer Smith opened with an electronically processed drum run, but it was not a lesson in over-doing, because it is especially the compact interplay of the trio that stood out. There was plenty of room for repetition and subtle exotic influences, with a vague dreamy atmosphere that encourages Almeida and Santos Silva for easy ideas and solos that were not to showy, virtuosic, or technical , but very effective ideas.


    Thus the rhythms were moulded like clay, they went through minor surgery accelerating and decelerating, and you got regular patches from the worlds of brooding pop music to hear. While Almeida regularly showed off a conjuring ostinato , Smith showed that he is above all a melodic drummer, sometimes even following a trail that ran parallel to that of Santos Silva.

    As curious passers-by on the dike stared inside, the trumpet that was heard showed that you only need a few notes to achieve maximum effect.

    The first concern which we afterwards thought of was that this is the kind of band that you get far too little to see on our big jazz festivals. Since the atoms that constituted us as children are no longer present when we are adults, we can not say that we are the matter of our body, but an active principle which organizes matter, such as Music — which organizes sound. If we accept other beings not humans in this forest, nature responds to us that a fabulous array of tapping detects that a falling tree.

    ecomusicologia / ecomusicology

    All perceptions are different, because each be developed, according to Darwinian natural selection, their own listening mechanisms, including the tree itself. If a tree falls in the forest without any human to listen, the sound perception emerging in a consciousness that listens is to us unimaginable, or pure fantasy. Apparently there seem to emerge various concepts of sound. On the one hand, the pressure wave as defined by acoustics, and on the other, multiple kinds of hearing: the result of a long evolutionary processes.

    Conversely, the pressure wave of acoustics pressure cannot be perceived, or is inaudible, and does not explain or presupposes the existence of an observer, nor of certain kind of listening. There is no doubt that there is a correlation between the physics of sound and the various forms of perception developed for Life by Evolution. But this match is much more subtle than might be supposed.

    If what today seems green becomes blue tomorrow, and if what is now blue becomes green, the laws of science would remain unchanged, as would the ability of Life to reinvent itself. In fact, the issue is even more extensive than might be supposed. We speak thus of synaesthesia, the opposite of anaesthesia. If the block is the lack of sensation, kinaesthesia is increased and multi-layered perception, in which a sound may appear together with a color, for instance.

    Vision or hearing are direct bridges with reality, but a reality in which there is only light and sound. Human beings do not see anything but light.