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It is not until the age of three or four that they begin to be able to imagine a future where they might feel differently, where they can anticipate or fear events. In one experiment only a third of three-year-olds could give a plausible answer as to what they might do the next day, but within a year or two their sense of the future has developed to the extent that two-thirds of them can do it. This suggests that small children have an extreme form of the empathy gap we can all experience on occasion which leaves us unable to imagine that we might feel differently in the future.

But sometimes our ability to time-travel in our minds brings us distress.

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Very young children are not able to think themselves into the future - but the ability is learned quickly Credit: iStock. But she hopes that technology can come to the rescue.

2. Traveling Disconnects You From Your Daily Life

Her team have been experimenting with using techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy online and via apps. Fifteen years ago they developed Mood Gym , an online course of cognitive behavioural therapy that has since been used in more than countries around the world. Groups that hang together online because of self-harm are often angry.

We find that depressed people use more personal pronouns. If they can identify people at risk, then the question is what to do with that information and how to intervene. They might be able to place adverts for online CBT to appear in social media if particular keywords or search items are used, in a similar way to marketing companies who already personalise adverts. So we have the digital tools. Some psychologists believe the type of words used on social media can be a clue to our mental state Credit: iStock. The skill of mental time travel has on the whole served us well, but in the future might we evolve to avoid these mental health difficulties?

Will depression always be with us?

Suddendorf says he almost hopes so. We get depressed when we pursue options that are not successful. That motivates us to withdraw from that situation or it signals to others that we might need help.

Begin your day feeling grounded and inspired.

That motivates us in the here and now to do something about that event — to run away or to prepare. That makes us better able to cope with a future event. So these mild versions might be functional. Of course I hope that more serious clinical disorders can be dealt with. Sometimes our ability to time travel in our minds brings us distress. We are a semi-nomadic traveling family of three, otherwise based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the summer of , we embarked on an incredible journey around the world where we visited six continents and 31 countries, and took 39 flights—and we did it all with our then two-year-old!

Over the course of almost nine months, we laughed, we cried and we survived tantrums. And through it all, we were inspired to write this book to help other families like yourself travel with your kid and create a life of travel for yourself. When did you start traveling and where all have you traveled?

6 Mind-Blowing Time Travel Movies

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