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There are no power hungry ego driven mods telling you what you can or cannot talk about. You are free to exercise your freedom of speech and talk about religion, politics, and of course everything relating to the Dinar and other currencies! This is your chance to really share and engage with the Dinar community the way it should be, without fear of being muted or banned for having an opinion.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and How To Buy Iraqi Dinar Online

Every opinion matters and the gurus cannot stop you from sharing how you really feel on this site, on our call, and on our YouTube channel. Thanks again! Love it already. Openly share intel and rumors from all other chats, calls, Skype rooms, forums etc.

Bring it all in without fear. For too many years now we have all waited together for this rollercoaster ride to finally come to an end. We need to get the word out about this site.

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The more we spread the word within the Iraqi Dinar community, the more of the community will join us here, where everyone is welcome and every opinion matters. We are tired and frustrated. The last thing we need is to be treated like children who are better seen and not heard. We have much to contribute and we have just as much right as anyone else to be heard.

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It belongs to ALL of us. We have ALL sacrificed in some way. Some a lot more than others. I urge you to reach out to everyone you can via Iraqi Dinar chat rooms, calls, forums, Skype rooms and any other community medium you are aware of that includes Dinarians. Iraq does not have that much assets. Everyone wants to know the Dinar Reset or reintroduction date. You will hear names like millionday, newshound, intel and investment.

Dinar Scam Takes On New Twist

Magazines like Forbes, though critical, paints a painful truth on this investment. Search for scam and the dinar always comes up. Search for names like John Wasik and Robert Laura, get to know these names.

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  • I stand by my words. The current Iraqi dinar notes being used are the following denominations: , , 1,, 5,, 10, and finally 25, Contrary to popular belief, there are no new lower denom Iraqi dinar notes being developed, these are the current notes being used in country and if you plan on investing in Iraq, these are the notes you want to purchase.

    Dinar Recaps 4/24 10am Newsletter

    I have traveled to more than 16 countries during my service in the United States Navy, and as with most foreign currency, the larger the dinar value, the larger the size of the banknote. If this were to happen the value would increase , In the new short video below, I show that the Iraqi Dinars that were printed in are still being used.

    Ninja's Iraqi Dinar News: RV/INTEL ALERT: Operation Disclosure (6/4/19)

    No new lower denom notes with different images are being printed, the same ones established in October are still being used. That is the one being shown in this video. They will allow you to view this book.

    Much more than documents.

    Note that this guide has nothing to do with any currency auction price, however, stay tuned for updates. Check out this video below:. Whenever the global currency reset is discussed, you have three primary currencies mentioned. Wells Fargo carries all but the dinar, for now, soon they will carry it.

    In the old pre October book you will find the Saddam dinar, which are no longer being used. You can still buy them off of eBay. Even Amazon is selling Iraqi Dinar. At that time, unless we hear otherwise, the pages for Iraq, which have not changed since , will remain the same. Per my contact, who has served overseas for many many years, they are currently using the United States Dollar in Iraq because due to inflation, it has become somewhat impractical to carry dinars for daily use.

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