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Finding beauty in the little book is easy, especially the stunning color illustrations by Julie Freeman of Oregon, whom Mr. Weisenfluh found through the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Weisenfluh, who says he "writes software. The book is written in rhyme for children ages 3 to 11, although it seems a child at 11 should be way past learning to count to Small children may especially like the little creatures almost hidden in the pictures. A ladybug peeks around a rock, earthworms crawl through tunnels, and an ant clings to a tulip leaf. Family pets also appear in the book.

I'm looking for the threads. String theories may not be all that wacko. Labels: Angels and Saints , Because it's my blog?? Breakfast for the Big Tortoises. These guys LOVE roses. So I always make sure to give them as many as spent roses possible. They also eat a lot of dried weeds, as that is what they forage on in the wild.

Dried weeds make up a goodly portion of their diet. They like lots of other stuff too, like watermelon and cantalope and strawberries. And, of course, my daylilies! Darn their hides! Make the picture really big to see the details. Tucked Up for the Night. This Apple Borer Beetle, a sort of cousin to June beetles, was tucked up inside the rose this early morning when I went out to feed the tortoises their spent roses and water the garden. Roses make overnight abodes for many of the smaller flying creatures. These beetles are near the end of their lives at this time, looking for soft dirt to bury their eggs.

In the full height of their beauty, they are iridescent green, like silk dupioni. Labels: gardens and flowers , Walk with Beauty. Sunday, August 15, Bear with me? I feel compelled to say this for some reason: You have to learn to live with whatever happens in your life. Whatever it takes to learn to live with it, and get through it, will add to your own ability to remain stable, efficient, and kind. I'm sure that is what establishes each of us as real human beings, and keeps our feet on a path to enlightenment.

Whether you are a soldier, a parent, a diplomat on a mission to truth, or someone who has committed a crime and is now trying to make amends, it's worth the efforts you are making to change yourself because it benefits all mankind. Walk with Beauty, always College Lava Cakes. Labels: Good things to Eat. Saturday, August 14, Cute Comic. I am tossing old papers, some not very old and some ancient. Friday, August 13, Cleaning out the Sewing Room..

Today is the first day of a major job. I've let that room suffer Chaos and the Pit Syndrome because I'm just not sewing anything that isn't with a needle held in the hand. My sister is coming over to help out. Meanwhile, I'm reading Amelia Peabody Mysteries, and, if the first is any indication, this is going to be a wonderful week of reading about Amelia's Egyptian adventures! A friend suggested them and she was so right!

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And, I wanted to share a movie with you all. Well, those of you who like foreign films and are over It's made in Sweden.

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It's called "As it is in Heaven". It's scary at times, and could be real story but it didn't say so. Roller-Coaster ride indeed! I believe that this is what it would sound like when Angels sing together. And of course, I am knitting the sock and the mitt mates. Thursday, August 12, I just cannot turn a blind eye to this from DemocracyNow!

It's appalling.

The devil you know VS the devil you don't? Labels: Brave New World. Monday, August 9, Jackie Chan trains fish. Who knew? This is very cute. I love it!

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Jackie and Koi Busy day today. Lazy boy knitting and reading.

Labels: gardens and flowers , Healing the Heart. Busy day, happy day. The new Charley starts from Sis. New Books! I'm getting three new books tomorrow from the library, the first three of the Amelia Peabody series, by Elizabeth Peters.

In the Garden With the LittleWeeds

I can't wait to get them! A friend, who was reading Alexander McCall Smith's books along with me, told me about the series. The Wealth of Nations is a huge book, and we decided to just buy it used, a good plan for such a book. Reading is a real pleasure in life, like knitting and crafting. And baking, but that stuff makes me fatter. Low Calorie reading and knitting is the answer! Wolfie is having to diet because his keepers were too liberal with the treats. They left a note telling me they filled the garden with dirt and couldn't wait to move into their new home!

I immediately started putting in things. Dad had purchased four lovely flowers, so I planted them in the corners, and they looked bea-u-ti-ful! Here I'm trying to make a swing. It didn't work right, so I made a better one. But first I tried it out a bit longer.

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Here I am making a stone house. Here's a piggy-pig that Ma bought me at a sale. Poor fairies, piggy's eating up all the carrots! Naughty piggy-pig! Here's a pear-juice stand. Maybe it's only a pear-bank, but in this case, it's a pear juice stand for fairies. They can put their little straws in at the slit and drink the juice.

Ma had built a little hill, and on it I built a small slate bench shaded by a rhubarb leaf. The 'trees' are old flower stalks of some kind, I don't know what. Of course, fairies do not want people spraying pesticides on their flowers so they put up warning signs. They do not want pesticides because they ruin the flowers, and there will be no bugs for the birds to eat. I enjoy making little signs for the fairy garden, using toothpicks and small bits of paper.

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Here is one of the aforementioned purchased flowers from the flower shop. You see, it really is a fairy garden to plant flowers in. Here's a tiny Trader Joe's coffee cup that has in it boating and fishing equipment. Inside are boats made of different kinds of leaves and bark, and poles made out of sticks, and fishing rods made out of sticks with bits of twine.