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    HPA - Health free suggestion'. Any questions? Get in touch. No one, least of all Green, would have seen that coming, but in he headed south, and in the decades that followed continues to go back, culminating in a trip with his own college-age daughter recounted in the book's opening chapter.

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    But surprisingly for a science title there is also Camus and Saul Bellow, Alexander Pope, Italo Calvino, Henry Miller, and many other historians, authors, poets, and philosophers. His enthusiasm for all of them is impossible to resist as he leaps from physics to poetry in an instant and carries the readers along on these connections, making clear that science and literature live side by side. The reader is left dazzled and also wishing that both subjects could be taught this way much more often. In the midst of all the great ideas and discoveries, it is unexpected to come across the book's most stirring passages, which concern Green's childhood in Pittsburgh.

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    With evocative descriptions he brings the reader to an American city that has radically changed but once was our burning heart. He writes, "In Pittsburgh, fire was all around us. You had to drive only a few miles to the nearest mill, which lay just sought of the city on the river.