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Fortunately, the Internet gives us the opportunity to share these fun, exciting and long lost designs for everyone to enjoy again. We are currently working on reproducing our library of vintage patterns that have passed into the public domain and will include them here as quickly as we can. All of the crochet patterns that appear on this website have passed into the public domain. That means that these designs are no longer protected by copyright and you are free to do whatever you would like to do with them!

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Copy them, share them, make finished items from them and sell them - let your imagination run wild! All rights reserved.

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Newsletter Signup. Email Address:. Popular Crochet Pattern Categories. Pattern Categories Browse the categories to help you find the patterns you're looking for. Hi Suzanne. I hope Sophie loves her cushion x. Is there one?

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Thanks much. This is going to be my winter project this year. Hi Patricia.

I made this last year as a gift to my daughter. But by looking at the photos and the video, i could figure it out. It was my first attempt at this type of crochet. My daughter absolutely loves it and uses it as a wall hanging, or over her bedspread, or as a throw, a headboard, whatever.

  1. Living Wage Movements: Global Perspectives (Routledge Advances in Social Economics).
  2. Dead Mans Time (Roy Grace series Book 9).
  3. Spätantike Buchmalerei (German Edition).
  4. The Manifold Grace of God.

My mom used to tat and crochet tablecloths, doilies, bedspreads, pillow cases, you name it, with fine crochet thread. She taught me how and I learned by just sitting next to her and watching her as I worked on practtce yarn. It is timeless. It keeps the brain active and it can also be a time for reflection. With my hands engaged and my brain sending signals, I find myself in another state. My mom crocheted beautifully — designed her own patterns and stitches — and I have so many beautiful holiday ornaments in crochet thread, but the one thing that she made that I treasure the most, is an afghan.

It was the last one she made at 91 and she wanted to finish it before she moved on.

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  • At this point she was having trouble seeing and kept losing count, but she poured her heart and soul into it — I can only imagine all the thoughts that must have gone through her head as she rushed to get it done. She did.

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    It is offwhite. It is soft and heavy with sentiment. So remember, when you craft a piece of art, give it to someone who will treasure and care for it. Hi Dedri I have been able to move past the line I was stuck on due to excellent tutorials and fantastic info I am now on line 77 and have had fun making this blanket with many compliments from family. Already looking for my next project.

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